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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Android Emulator


The Android emulator is probably the most powerful tool at a developer’s disposal.
It is important for developers to learn to use the emulator and understand its limitations.
The Android emulator is integrated with Eclipse, using the ADT plug-in for the Eclipse IDE.

Emulator Limitations

The Android emulator is a convenient tool, but it has a number of limitations:

·         The emulator is not a device. It simulates general handset behavior, not specific hardware implementations.
·         Sensor data, such as satellite location information, battery and power settings, and network connectivity, are all simulated using your computer.
·         Peripherals such as camera hardware are not fully functional.
·         Phone calls cannot be placed or received but are simulated. SMS messages are also simulated and do not use a real network.
·         No USB or Bluetooth support is available.

Using Android emulator is not a substitute for testing on a true target handset or device.

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